Videoclip "Wise Child" - ZZZ Fluxus - 2011

Videoedition: Pedro Tellagori


'WISE CHILD' Clip Oficial - ZZZ Fluxus from ZZZ Fluxus on Vimeo.




VideoArt "El Cuerpo" - ZZZ Fluxus - 2011

Videoedition: Sebastián Kazez

ZZZ - El Cuerpo from ZZZ Fluxus on Vimeo.


ZZZ Fluxus - Full Album "Fluxus" - nov 2011 by zzzfluxus


ZZZ Fluxus 

[Self-taught and explorers of the Micro Universe]


Musical and Visual Performance


If the music could draw ...

If the machines could create a sequence of a film ...

If the images could issue their own sound ...

If the objects could reveal new poetic dimentions...

If the space could be transformed ...

Well we would not be very far from a live of ZZZ Fluxus, where music, images, machines, characters and space are an endless field of exploration and improvisation, where poetry is revealed behind all appearances, where all the means and media are an excuse for processing, in order to sublime the space and transport the audience into a unique sensory journey.

ZZZ (Fluxus) is a French-Argentine Company composed by Sebastian and Florence, currently installed in the south of France.

Basically a duo, however, they invite regularly during their studio and live sessions, artists who bring their own personal universe. In 2012, they count with the participation of Diego.

Their meeting takes place in January 2011 around the video 'El Cuerpo', they publish together and whom they compose the soundtrack. This video work has been selected for the Video Art Festival in Athens in May 2011.

Their music is a fusion of electronic music and noisy elaborated on a backgroud generated by an electro-acoustic ensemble (samplers, synthetisateurs, keyboards, circuit bending, modified drum machine, chiptunes) and other analog instruments (guitar, melodica, sax, flute). The atmosphere of the show is given by the fusion of music with the images. The melodies interact with the projected visuals created in a part during the live and according the set (slides, 3D, graffiti, video mapping, analog and digital pictures, Lomographic pictures and microscopic video). On some occasions they can also control the lights to the beat of the music. The musicians are also part of this audiovisual show with their masks and make-up.

ZZZ Fluxus has three forms of performance, according the situation, indoor or outdoor.

ZZZ Fluxus played in London and Barcelona.

A tour is planned in France and Europe for summer 2012.

ZZZ Fluxus